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Year: 2013


Medium: Collaborative Project


FIELDS brings artists and curators to Cambodia to engage contemporary ritual practice. The 20-day nomadic itinerary is a proposal that traverses space, temporality, and culture through a politics of memory, inheritance, and tradition by  performing a cartography that informs and alters its references. The nation’s agrarian landscape, the fieldwork of anthropologists, academics and aid workers, Buddhist notions of merit-fields, the psycho-geographical landscape referred to as the Killing Fields, and the history of art practices in the expanded field all serve as starting points.


Cambodia; Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kompong Pluok, Sen Monorom, Memot, Kep

Curated by Erin Glesson & Vera Mey

1 Dec - 21 Dec 2013


Participants; Vera Mey / Charlotte Huddleston / Janita Craw / Luke Willis Thompson / Alex Monteith / Sarah Munro / from Cambodia,  Erin Gleeson / Albert Samreth / Khvay Samnang / Amy Lee Sanford /Lim Sokchanlina / Tith Kanitha / from Australia  Roger Nelson / from Germany  Julia Moritz / Tue Greenfort / from Taiwan, Fang-Tse Hsu / from Korea Sunjung Kim / from Thailand, Arin Rungjung / Project Coordinator: Chum Chanveasna / Design: Albert Samreth


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