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Reenactment of the return of the Maori Battalion C Co. Nga Tama Toa

Reenactment of the return of the Maori Battalion C Co. Nga Tama Toa


Year: 2008


Medium: Two-channel HD video installation, stereo sound,60min looping cycle


Parade of 2000 whanau (family and descendants) in a parade re-enacting the return of the WW2 Maori Battalion walking from Gisborne Train Station to Te Poho-o-Rawiri Marae. The re-enactment took place in October 2008. Commemoration of the return of the C Coy. after WW2 and book launch of Nga Tama Toa The Price of Citizenship by Monty Soutar. Led by the Maori Battalion and colour party. The re-enactment was the first chapter of a day of ceremony and commemoration culminating at Te Poho-o-Rawiri Marae with Maori Battalion war veterans and many Aotearoa NZ dignatories in attendance, including the then Prime Minister Helen Clarke.


The video artwork consists of uninterrupted HDV video camera footage of the entire walking parade of the 2000 people connected to the original Maori Battalion WW2 return (as the contemporary families literally re-walked the original path tread by those of the C Coy of the WW2 Maori Battalion when they returned after the war).  The piece was filmed with simultaneous front and rear facing HD cameras mounted to a NZ army Unimog participating in the parade. 


New work | work-in-progress

In post production in 2009. Finished work : two-channel synchronised video installation with stereo sound, 52min looping cycle.


Arrangements: Barry Soutar & Natalie Robertson

Unimog driver: Alun Cameron (NZ Army)