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Red Sessions (Stent Rd Taranaki)

Red Sessions (Stent Rd Taranaki)


Year: 2009


Medium: performance & video installation, 20m x 2.8m, 4-channel 51min sync DVD looping cycle


Three Red Sessions (performance / actions) were made at Tarana ki surfbreakes in 2009.


Red Session #1 - Rocky Lefts, Taranaki, Aotearoa NZ, 28 January 2009

Red Session #2 - Stent Rd, Taranaki, Aotearoa NZ, 29 January 2009 

Red Session #3 - Stent Rd, Taranaki, Aotearoa NZ, 4 February 2009



Red Sessions #1, #2 & #3 contextual information

Free-surfing sessions in which surfers arriving at Taranaki surf-breaks were asked to wear a Red Session red rash-vest for the duration of their free-surf (link).  Three Red Sessions were held in Taranaki (link); 28th & 29th January and 4th Februayry 2009. Each Red Session was recorded on 4-channels of continuously recording HD video to form a multi-channel video panoramic installation. 


Surfers include Motu Mataa (NZ Open Mens surf champ 1993), Jess Terrill(NZ open Womens champ 2003) and Alex Monteith (Ireland open Womens champ 2001).


Red Session #2 Production details

Red Session #2 is a 4-channel HDV recorded surfing performance project made with 28 surfers wearing 28 customised red rash-vests with white text "Red Session Alex Monteith 2009" at Stent Road point-break, Taranaki, Aotearoa NZ, 29 January 2009.  The surf during the project was 6ft glassy dawn conditions with up to 15ft wave faces.

Red Session #2 Installation details
Four-channel synchronised video installation, 20 metres x 2.83 metres,  with stereo sound.


Red Sessions project collaboration

60 surfers in Taranaki participated in the various Red Sessions. 28 surfers appear in the Red Session no. 2 video installation; Carl Manzor, Hamish Christophers, Ben Plummer, Drew, Mike and Ange, J.T., Jarrod Hancox, Tor Baily, Justin King, Jackie Keenan, Daniel Whiston, Michael Harrison, Yoichi Maeda, Mitch Tamati, Sam Whitley, Chris Luke, Jeff Piper, John Lambourne, Fernanda Toscani, Jess Terrill, Grant Atkin, Bruce O’Carroll, Tam Norris , Stacey Lamb, Motu Mataa, Danny Butt, Alex Monteith


Red Session No 3 was supported by Craig Williamson


Location contributions were from;

SCANZ, WITT, Govett Brewster, University of Auckland

Local Time (link): Danny Butt (link), Jon Bywater & Natalie Robertson (link)

Photographic documentation: Sarah Munro, David Perry, Natalie Robertson

Individual contributors: Stella Brennan (link), Fiona Clark (link), Sarah Munro, David Perry, Rachael Rakena (link)

Other support: Te Miringa Hohaia (link)  


Final work form

4 channel synchronised video installation, 3 meters x 5 meters per video panel (20 meters total width), 51 min looping cycle with stereo sound.


Premiere Exhibition

The 4th Auckland Triennial - Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon 2010, Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand (link)


Picture information (pix above):

1. Red Session #2, Last Ride in A hot Air Balloon, 4th Auckland Triennial install documentation, Shed 6, Auckland, NZ

2. Red Session #2, three surfers in the Stent Rd surf line-up

3. Red Session #2, surfers in the Stent Rd surf line-up, main surfer Jessica Terrill

4. Main pack Red Session #2

5. Red Session #2 out-the-back

6. Red Session #2, Last Ride in A hot Air Balloon, 4th Auckland Triennial install documentation, Shed 6, Auckland, NZ

7. Red Session #3, Alex Monteith jumping out of helicopter into surf line-up, after-effect 2-channels of video shown (stills)

8. Red Session #2, surfers in the Stent Rd surf line-up

9. Red Session #2, Alex Monteith and 4-camera rig used to document the Red Sessions

10. Red Session #2, surfers walking out to the point-break