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Traditional Route

Traditional Route


Year: 2004


Medium: Photographic | Video | Performance | Book


Photo-video mapping project recorded in Belfast in 2004. The performance was to drive to RUC (the former Royal Ulster Constabulary, now Police Service of Northern Ireland) stations, note the direction their CCTV cameras viewed by compass ordinates. The CCTV ordinates of view were traced by hand onto an inner city Belfast urban map, and at any intersectionof the trajectories a new site was designated for a pair of photographs of the site.


A bullet cam mounted inside the car recorded the entire journey and recorded the process to MiniDV tape. The combination of pairs of photographs of the CCTV cams, and the almost arbitary secondary suite of sites the CCTV camera tragectories generated were published along with video stills in Cities and Eyes Sourcebook, EDITED BY NIENKE SCHACHTSCHABEL,SIETSKE SIPSLAYLA TWEEDIE-CULLEN, AND ANNETTE


296 pages | 50 color plates, 100 halftones | 6-3/4 x 9-1/2 | © 2006
This collection of images and essays originated at the acclaimed Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Cities and Eyes Sourcebookpresents the diverse work of the Academy’s artists, philosophers, scholars, architects, and photographers as they explore the world’s cities, including Amsterdam, London, New York, Paris, and São Paulo. Presented in both English and Dutch, and accompanied by an index that includes suggestions for further reading, Cities and Eyes Sourcebook will illuminate the world’s greatest cities for a new audience of art lovers and urbanites alike.



Traditional Route essay by Grant Thompson.