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Accelerated Geographies Alex Monteith (survey exhibition)

Video Documentation:

Composition with RNZAF 3 squadron Exercise Blackbird for three-channel video installation from Alex Monteith on Vimeo.

Alex Monteith, 3 Channel video-artwork, 17 mins, 3 channels audio, 2010

Three Royal New Zealand Air Force Bell UH-1 Iroquois perform a choreographed 3-ship flight during their alpine training Exercise Blackbird in July 2010. The formation of helicopters takes off at Dip Flat RNZAF base and reaches the Leese valley. The formation reverses after a high-ridge three-frame pedal turn and the former lead frame swaps to the rear.

Frame no 05. Pilots; Jane & Reichardt, crewman; SGT Dave Tauai
Frame no 14. Pilots; FLTLT Wilson & FLTLT Netzler, crewmen; Tahi-Martin & Woodley
Frame no 01. Pilots; SQDNLDR Oliver Bint & SLT Melville, crewman; Walters

Excerpt showing three channels inserted into one HD panel for preview purposes only (frame=helicopter).

Ascents and Descents in Realtime, Alex Monteith, 2008, (23.03.08 v2) HD from Alex Monteith on Vimeo.

Ascents and Descents in Realtime, Ahipara, Northland, Aotearoa, New Zealand, 23.03.08 (version 2 of 2).

This clip is a 3 minute excerpt from the 16 minute single channel looping DVD with stereo sound.

Frist exhibited at Two Rooms, Auckland, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Collection: Chartwell Trust (NZ)

Composition with RNZAF 3 squadron Exercise Blackbird for three-channel video installation from Alex Monteith on Vimeo.

This excerpt is recorded from the 1st of the three Iroquoi flying in formation in the collaboratively generated (Alex Monteith and RNZAF SQNLDR Oliver Bint) performance with three RNZAF helicopters, each with rear-ward facing onboard cameras.

Context and Method
The three-ship section of flying which comprises this performance-and video artwork is a 25 minute choreographed flight inserted into the normal training and Alpine Search and Rescue practices of the RNZAF during excercise Blackbird 2010. After the three-ship section (and complete artwork) was finished (after the touch-and-go and 3-ship break) each frame (helicopter) moved to a different valley and complete its normal session of pilot training. This excerpt is provided for preview purposes only.

3min excerpt of the 18 minute performance, 1 channel (the Left-hand-side) of the 3-channel video installation. Alex Monteith, 2010.

Accelerated Geographies Alex Monteith (survey exhibition)


Year: 2010


Medium: 24 channels video 20 channels audio in 9 installation projects


Govett Brewster Art Gallery, Aotearoa New Zealand

Sept-Nov 2010

Curated by Rhana Davenport


The 9 performance & video artworks involved direct collaborative actions and interventions with 60 Taranaki surfers, 17 RNZAF pilots and aircrew, 5 motorcyclists as well as participation in the Te Ata Tino Toa Auckland Harbour Bridge Protest against Transit New Zealand on Waitangi Day 2008. Performance is pushed to a radical extent across a range of live performance and documentation strategies. High-speed or high altitude actions across groups of participants (riders / pilots); on-board video culture in relation to x-sports and motorsport in Aotearoa New Zeland.


Devenport notes; “This is only the third time in the Gallery’s 40-year history that the entire Gallery has been dedicated to a single artist, Monteith follows Leon Narbey in 1970 and Peter Robinson in 2008 in creating an immersive transformation of the entire Gallery. The Gallery takes seriously its role in offering these important project opportunities to exceptional artists from Aotearoa New Zealand.”


Forthcoming catalogue with essay contributions by Jon Bywater (NZ), Dr Jan Bryant (AUS), Danny Butt (NZ), Prof. Sean Cubitt (AUS/UK)


Opening panel discussions were Jon Bywater, Danny Butt & Lawrence MacDonald. Closing discussion was with artist David Cross.


"The largest and most technical exhibition ever shown in New Zealand..." Taranaki Daily News (link)


Machine Visions; by Stella Brennan, multi-project article, 26-30, Eyeline Contemporary Visual Arts No. 72 (AUS) link


List of works (click on each to link to further details)



Composition with RNZAF 3 Squadron Exercise Blackbird for three-channel video installation, 2010  



Composition with RNZAF Red Checkers for five-channel video installation, 2009  



Red Sessions, 2009



Parihaka to Cape Egmont Rd to Parihaka with two Tino Rangatiratanga Flags and two Land Rovers, Waitangi Day, 2009



Ascents and descents in realtime (22.03.08) v1, 2008



Ascents and Descents in Realtime (23.03.08) v2, 2008



Looping manoeuvre with Shaun Harris and onboard dual-cams for two-channel video installation, 2008



Looping manoeuvre with four motorcyclists for four-channel video installation, 2008



1020 meters in 26 minutes Waitangi Day Auckland Harbour Bridge Protest, 2008


Further information 

Exhibition info e-flux (link)

New Zealand Herald, Adam Giffrord, Article (link)



Projects and exhibition supported by; Creative New Zealand, Arts Foundation of New Zealand, University of Auckland, Manukau Institute of Technology, Auckland University of Technology, Te Miringa Hohaia, LOCAL TIME





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